We Need Jobs: What Is The Problem With America Today?

Cole Gunther, PhD

"What could account for how the universe ticks? Could it be love? Money?" Those are the big questions of the day at entertainment.townnews.com, and, they came in just fifteen minutes before this line was typed

Everybody needs love and money, but, let's go with a smaller piece of the universe for now. More and more everyday, people are asking, "What's the problem with America today?"

Sometimes the questions are more specific.

What's the problem with our large corporations these days? Why are all of the large corporations destroying American jobs when so many of us need jobs so desperately now? Why are American corporations sending our jobs offshore, and, why are corporations bringing "cheap labor" to the U.S. to take our jobs from us?

Seven minutes ago, during final editing of this article, abclocal.go.com reported that an [overdue] nationwide crackdown by federal agents resulted in the arrest of "hundreds of illegal workers at Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer." Why is Wal-Mart corporation allegedly hiring illegal aliens when so many Americans need jobs? Will the government effectively prosecute any actual crimes by Wal-Mart? All of these questions are being asked by people all over the USA.

What's the problem with Congress these days? While federal agents are arresting hundreds of allegedly illegal aliens, why is the U.S. Congress trying to sneak a guest worker amnesty law onto the books? Why do they refuse to help us save our jobs ? Why does our elected Congress keep punishing us in these ways ? These questions are definitely being asked all over America today, October 23, 2003 !

On the twenty year anniversary of the death of 241 of our Marines and sailors, killed by a truck load of explosives at the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, why are the terrorists still at large?

What is the problem with so much of the America today? The corporations, our U.S. Congress and our fellow citizens?

Some elected officials and corporate executive officers have said we people are uninformed, incompetent and too lazy to work. Yes, these absurd statements are actually used by Congress to justify raising the number of foreign citizens who can be brought by corporations to the U.S. to take our jobs. These statements are on the record.

These are the perspectives of some of our elected officials -- some of the same officials in the U.S. Senate who just gave themselves a raise at a time of record losses of jobs in America.

Tens of millions of tax paying voters who are nervous about losing their jobs, and millions more unemployed Americans who have no jobs, believe that the CEO's and big corporations, the U.S. Congress and the mainstream media all are to blame in refusing to stop our jobless emergency. That is what millions of Americans are saying these days. These statements are all over the record, today.

In fairness, lately CBS and CNBC have joined CNN and Lou Dobbs. Mr. Lou Dobbs is the news anchor at CNN who has been breaking scandal after scandal to his informed audiences for over five months beginning with his "Exporting America" series. Lou Dobbs has been asking questions and providing answers about most of our major problems in America these days.

In the past year the terms "lazy" and "incompetent" have been used to describe both working and unemployed Americans who complain about imported cheap labor and the exporting, or offshoring, of America's job overseas. Hearing that kind of verbal abuse gets us closer to understanding the biggest problem we have.

It is in the best interests of large corporations to be above listening to the average workaday American. The main thing large corporations say they are concerned about is maximizing shareholder profits. If shareholders are concerned with nothing that is American other than their own profits, they must consider cutting compensation for their corporate executive officers(CEO's).

In every successful corporation, there is another executive just below the CEO on the corporate food chain. And that vice president or other corporate officer just below the CEO will take and do well the CEO's job for a lot less than the CEO is being paid.

So, corporate and "pure-profit" rationales dictate that the CEO's have got to go -- to cut costs of course. This is what people are saying these days.

Since most tax paying voters do not believe the U.S. Congress is hearing us when we say, WE NEED JOBS, the solution here also is simple. Voters should make a short list of effective U.S. Representatives and Senators, and, vote all other incumbents out of office. That is the solution many Americans come up with when asked "what's wrong with our Congress these days?"

The media are already being dealt with effectively. In droves, people are flocking to CNN and the Lou Dobbs Tonight program. Mr. Dobbs has been talking about joblessness; the growing national budget deficit; increasing destruction of the middle class and increasing poverty in America; our "crowded nation" and the exploding population; our massive and growing trade deficit; the human and other costs of military action and intelligence community activity in defense of our nation; and, as always Mr. Dobbs excels at reporting that we need better policy to deal with these pressing emergencies.

Sometimes Mr. Dobbs at CNN cable television briefly mentions or alludes to other problems like the political party emergency created by differing party goals which coincide to create the unending supply of "cheap or illegal labor" that is destroying our economy, our health and education systems and the sustainability of our livable environment.

This leaves just one problem for you to solve -- the biggest problem in the country today. You must find a way and a place where your voice can be heard. The site where you found this article posted is obviously concerned with hearing American voices today. This website is involved in doing something about the problems we face in the USA today. So, start here.

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Make your American voice heard. Do it today !

 Cole Gunther, PhD, is a social scientist who conducts empirical research and writes about critical issues in public affairs. He receives e-mail viacgi@yahoo.com