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Stewardship's Betrayal - Kindle Edition - Kindle eBook  by Glenn R. Jackson
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"We the people of the United States are indebted beyond measure to those generations of Americans that came before us. As we struggle and increasingly see our fellow countrymen sacrifice and die to create “democracy” in other lands, it should be blindingly clear the debt we owe for our own rare and successful “experiment in democracy.” That we were a nation at peace, within our borders and with our neighbors, is a testament to the stewardship of the American dream by our forefathers."

Glenn R. Jackson is the founder of the American Reformation Project,  Board Member of Hire American Citizens, and Member National Board of Advisors for FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform).  Glenn was a founding Board member and first President of the National Association for the Employment of Americans (NAEA), and organizer of American Jobs Coalition (organizations fighting against the American Worker Replacement Program). Glenn is also a  former State Chairman for Buchanan 2000 Presidential campaign, and former state Chairman of the Georgia Freedom Party (a Reform Party affiliate).  Glenn holds an MA in Philosophy from Georgia State University in Atlanta.